Algebra 1-2 (Previous years)


Welcome to Algebra 1-2!  Here you can access daily assignments and relevant links/resources.

Algebra Standards: PPS Algebra Standards

Use this YouTube Channel for help along the way:  Franklin Algebra


Semester 2

Ch. 10 Exponential Equations

Lesson A 10-2  Objective:  Students will model exponential functions in multiple ways.  Notes/Assignment:   A 10-2

Lesson A 10-1  Objective:  Students will model exponential functions in multiple ways.   Notes:  A 10-1 Post glue in  Assignment: A 10-1

Ch. 9 Inequalities (part 2)

Lesson A 9-7  Objective:  Students will translate word problems into inequalities and graph them.  Notes/Assignment:  A 9-7

Lesson A 9-6 Objective:  Students will graph inequalities.  Notes/Assignment: A 9-6 Skinny

Lesson A 9-5 Objective: Students will translate word problems by representing them as inequalities and solving them. Notes/Assignment:  A 9-5

Lesson A 9-4 Objective:  Students will graph systems of quadratic inequalities and test solutions.  Notes/Assignment: A 9-4

Ch. 9 – Inequalities (part 1)

A6a.  I can solve and graph inequalities and represent them in multiple ways

Review:  A 9-Review Part 1

Lesson A 9-3 Objective:  Students will solve and graph inequalities and represent them in multiple ways.  Notes/Assignment:  A 9-3

Lesson A 9-2.  Objective:  Students will solve and graph inequalities and represent them in multiple ways. Notes/AssignmentA 9-2

Lesson A 9-1.  Objective:  Students will solve and graph inequalities and represent them in multiple ways.  Notes:  A 9-1 Notes  Assignment: A 9-1

Statistics Part 2

Review:  A S-Review Part 2

Lesson A S-8:  Objective:  Students will collect data and use it to form a line of best fit in order to make predictions.  Assignment: A S-8

Lesson A S-7: Objective:  Students will determine the line of best fit using linear regression.  Assignment:  A S-7

Lesson A S-6: Objective:  Students will determine the line of best fit.  Assignment: A S-6

Lesson A S-5: Objective:  Students will determine the line of best fit.  Assignment: A S-5

Statistics Unit

Review: A S-Review

Lesson A S-4:  Objective:  Students will calculate the standard deviation of data to make claims about the spread of data.  Assignment: A S-4

Lesson A S-3: Objective:  Students will organize and interpret data using a box plot.  Assignment: A S-3 Video:  A S-3

Lesson A S-2: Objective: Students will organize and interpret data using a histogram.  Assignment: A S-2 Video: A S-2

Lesson A S-1:  Objective:  Students will organize and interpret data using a dot plot.  Assignment: AS-1 Video: A S-1

Final Exam Review:

Semester Review:   Algebra Semester Review

Unit 8: Quadratics (part 3)

Review: A8 Review Part 3

Lesson A 8-10 Objective: Students will model quadratic equations Assignment: A 8-10 Pre-Drill: A 8-10 Pre-Drill Video: A 8-10

Lesson A 8-9 Objective: Students will model quadratic equations.  Assignment: A 8-9  Video: A 8-9

Unit 8:  Quadratics (part 2)

Standard A5b.  I can solve quadratic equations

Standard A5c.  I can graph quadratic functions

Chapter Review: A 8-Review

Lesson 8-8  Objective:   Students will solve quadratic equations and justify their choice for solving.  Assignment:   A 8-8 YouTube Video: A 8-8

Lesson 8-7 Objective:  Students will solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula Assignment: A 8-7  YouTube Video: A 8-7

Lesson 8-6  Objective:  Students will use the zero product property to solve quadratic equations.  Assignment:  A 8-6  YouTube Video: A 8-6

Lesson 8-5  Objective:  Students will graph and identify parts of a quadratic based on the graph.  Assignment: A 8-5

Unit 8: Quadratics (part 1)

Standard A5a. I can rewrite quadratic expressions

Lesson 8-Review November 17th/18th.  Objective:   Students will summarize the first unit of quadratics by completing a review.  Assignment:  A 8-Review

Lesson 8-4  November 15th/16th.  Objective:  Students will factor quadratic equations with leading coefficients greater than one.  Assignment: A 8-4  YouTube Video: A 8-4

Lesson 8-3 November 8th/14th.  Objective:  Students will re-write quadratic equations in vertex form by completing the square.  Assignment: A 8-3 YouTube Video: A 8-3

Lesson 8-2. November 3rd/7th. Objective: Students will factor quadratic equations.  Assignment:  A 8-2 YouTube Video: A 8-2

Lesson 8-1.  November 1st/2nd. Objective:  Students will write quadratic equations in factored form, standard form and vertex form.  Assignment: A 8-1 YouTube Video: A 8-1

Unit 6: Systems of Equations

Standard A3a.  I can model systems in multiple ways.

Test Day:   October 26th/27th.  Objective:  Students will prove their mastery of systems of equations.

Review Day:  October 24th/25th.  Objective:  Students will summarize systems of equations by completing a chapter review.  Review: A 6-Review

Lesson 6-4:  October 20th/21st.  Objective:  Students will solve systems of equations using the elimination method.  Assignment: A 6-4  YouTube Video: A 6-4(old one)

Lesson 6-3: October 13th/17th. Objective:  Students will solve systems of equations using the substitution method.  Assignment: A 6-3  YouTube Video:  A 6-3

Lesson 6-2: October 11th/12th.  Objective:  Students will solve equations with two variables.  Assignment: A 6-2  YouTube Video:   A 6-2

Lesson 6-1:  October 7th/10th.  Objective:  Students will solve a system using the equal values method.  Assignment: A 6-1  YouTube Video: A 6-1


Unit 7:  Linear Functions

Standard A2a. I can model a linear function (in a table, graph, rule & situation).

Lesson 7-1:  September 15/16.  Objective:  Students will write linear equations given a word problem and interpret the slope and y-intercept in the context of the problem.  Assignment: a-7-1.  YouTube video: A 7-1.

Lesson 7-2:  September 19th/20th.  Objective:  Students will find the slope given two points.  Assignment:  A-7-2 Assignment  YouTube video: A 7-2.  

Lesson 7-2(Part 2):  September 21st/22nd. Objective: Students will find the slope given two points.

Lesson 7-3: September 23rd/26th.  Objective:  Students will find the equation of the line given a point and the slope.  Assignment:  A 7-3 Assignment  YouTube video: A 7-3.

Lesson 7-4:  September 27th/28th.  Objective: Students will find the x and y-intercepts of an equation graphically and algebraically.  Assignment: A 7-4 Assignment  YouTube video: A 7-4

Lesson 7-5: September 29th/30th. Objective: Students will graph lines with fractional slopes. Assignment: A 7-5 YouTube video: A 7-5.

Review Day:  October 3rd/4th. Objective:  Students will summarize chapter ideas by completing a review.  Assignment: A 7-Review

Test Day: October 5th/6th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge on linear functions by completing a chapter test.

Unit 1:  Solving for x.

Standard A1a.  I can solve linear equations.

Day 1:  August 29th/30th.  Objective:  Students will find multiples of a number and factors of a number.  Assignment: A Day 1.  YouTube Video: A Day 1.

Day 2:  August 31st/September 1st.  Objective:  Students will learn to solve for x and apply it to basic word problems.  Assignment: A Day 2. YouTube Video: A Day 2.

Day 3:  September 2nd/6th.  Objective:  Students will plot coordinate points and graph lines.  Assignment: Coming soon.  YouTube Video:  coming soon…

Day 4:  September 7th/8th.  Objective:  Students will use the distributive property when solving for x and justify their answer when finished.  Assignment: coming soon.  YouTube Video:  coming soon…

Day 5: September 9th/12th.  Objective:  Students will review unit concepts to prepare for a chapter test.  Assignment:  Coming soon  (No YouTube videos for Reviews…)

TEST DAY  September 13th/14th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge on solving linear equations by completing a chapter test.



Below are all of my old blog posts from the 2015-2016 school year.  The blog started during the second semester that school year.  All materials are linked for your reference. 

The end is here, and it has been a wonderful journey.  All of you should be proud for improving and growing as a mathematician.  I wish you the best as you continue forward in your studies.  Below you will find a link to the final exam review, along with the answer key.  Finals are as follows:

June 7th:  Periods 1, 2, and 4   (the final period is considered tutorial time)

June 8th: Periods 5, 6, and 8    (the final period is considered tutorial time)

June 9th: Periods 3 and 7   (the final two periods are considered tutorial time)

Final Exam Review:  Second Semester Review

Final Exam Review Answer Key:  AReviewSecondSemester

Chapter 11 – Inequalities 


A 6a:  I can solve and graph inequalities and represent them in multiple ways

A 6b: I can model inequalities and identify the solution region.


A 11-Review

Answer Key:  A11 Review-Key

Lesson 4:

Assignment: A 11-4

Video:  A 11-4

Lesson 3:

Assignment: A 11-3

Video: A 11-3

Lesson 2:

Assignment: A 11-2

Video: A 11-2 (pre) and A 11-2

Lesson 1:

Assignment: A 11-1

Video: A 11-1

Chapter 10 – Functions, Domain and Range

This chapter covers more on function notation, while discussing the domain and range of a graph.

Standard:   I can determine if a representation is a function and state its domain and range.

Chapter Review:

Assignment: A 10-Review

Answer Key: A-10ReviewAnswerKey

Lesson 3.5:

Assignment: A 10-3.5

Lesson 3:

Assignment: A 10-3

Video: A 10-3

Lesson 2:

Assignment: A 10-2

Video: A 10-2

Lesson 1:

Assignment: A 10-1

Video:  A 10-1

Chapter 9 (part2 2)  – Exponential equations

This is the “second half” of this chapter, an extension of some ideas mentioned in the exponential functions chapter.


The blank review is here:  A9-ReviewPart2

Answer Key: 9-Review(2)

I’ve indicated on the answer key that problem #3 needs more explanation… those are found : here and here

An explanation can be found here

Third Lesson.  We learned how to calculate the sums of credit card payments with interest calculated each month.

Assignment:  A 9-9

Video:  We didn’t make a video, however here is what we did as a Warm-Up. This should help you as an example on what to expect on the assignment.

Second Lesson.  We learned the differences between arithmetic and geometric sequences during this lesson.

Assignment: A 9-8

Video: A 9-8

First lesson:  Function notation is introduced, as well as the sums of the first terms in linear and exponential patterns.

Assignment:  A 9-7

Video:  A 9-7


Chapter 9 – Exponential equations

Welcome!  This unit/chapter is on exponential equations and laws of exponents.  There are so many resources online for you to find examples of exponential equations, but I think my favorite is looking at pictures of the Eiffel Tower!

First Lesson:

A 9-1  (The in-class activity and homework)

A9-1PartB  (The homework)

Second Lesson:

A 9-2

Third Lesson:

A 9-3

Pre 9-3:  Video

Post 9-3: Video

 Fourth Lesson:

A 9-4

Fifth Lesson:

A 9-5

The video: A 9-5

Sixth Lesson:

A 9-6

The video: A 9-6

The Review:

A 9-Review

The answer key:



Two-Variable Statistics

Welcome!  We will be starting two-variable statistics during this chapter, which requires us to spiral back to some concepts we learned previously.

As a review you might want to check out this video:

A 7-4

A S-6 (First lesson of this chapter)

Homework for this chapter:  A S-6SupplementSolveforx

 A S-7  (Second lesson)

YouTube Video for A S-7

 A S-8 (Third lesson)

YouTube Video for A S-8

You are drawing a line of best fit given some data, something we did a few chapters ago.  The review video at the top of this post can give you other practice on just how to do this.

A S-9 (Fourth Lesson)

Calculator Notes For Linear Regression:


YouTube Video for A S-9

Technology is so cool.  Our graphing calculators or phones can provide us with a much more exact line of best fit called a linear regression model.  Using this, we will answer many of the same questions we did in A S-8.  Predictions based on the equation are a major part of this lesson.

A S-10  (5th Lesson/Activity)

If you missed class this day, you will need data in order to complete the assignment.  Use this file to complete the worksheet:  A S-10Data

This lesson is an in-class activity where students collect data.  They will use the data to create linear models to represent it.

There is no video to go along with this lesson because there isn’t anything “new”.

Review for the Two Variable Statistics Test:

A S-Review

Each class collected their own data, follow the links associated with your particular class. The first part of the answer keys are found here:

Front of Review and Back of Review

 Names are removed from the data, and the answer key is the back of the graph paper:

Period 1:



Period 2:



Period 5:



Period 6:



One-Variable Statistics

Currently, our Algebra 1-2 class is in a Statistics Unit.  We anticipate taking a test on February 11th and February 12th.  Please plan accordingly.


A S-1 Assignment   (This was Day 1)

A S-1 YouTube Video

A S-2  (Day 2 Assignment)

A S-2 YouTube Video

A S1-3 (Day 3 Assignment)

A S-3 YouTube Video

A S-4  (Day 4 Assignment)

A S-4 YouTube Video

Day 4 is a bit different.  We learned about some of the laws of exponents because we wanted to stay prepared for that unit when we get to it.  I made a YouTube video of this a few years ago explaining each law.  If you want, you can watch it here:

Laws of Exponents

A S-5 (Day 5 Assignment)

There is an in-class activity for this lesson involving attempting to get a really low standard deviation.  This experiment was a bit of a competition with Mr. Jamieson.  For Algebra 1-2, we use a modified version of calculating standard deviation.  The questions we want students asking themselves is “What does standard deviation really mean?”

A S-Review

This is the review for the unit test.

Here is the answer key:

A S-ReviewAnswerKey

Capturing Data For Stats!

Here are some helpful resources:

Dot Plots


Box Plots

Questions to think about:

  1.  What does the range mean and how does it relate to the spread of the data?  Explain in a few sentences
  2. How does a really high data value or a really low data value when compared to the other data values change it’s mean and median?  Which changes more?  Why?
  3. Could you find out information about Standard Deviation?  Where would you look?

Here is our district page for CCSS:

CCSS Alg 1-2 calendar 2015-16