College and Career Exploration (2015-2016)

Friday, June 3rd 2016:

We need to complete two surveys:

Survey 1:  Survey #1.

Survey 2:  Survey #2.

Following that, you need to finish your digital portfolio.  Look at Wednesday’s post to figure out what to to.

Wednesday, June 1st 2016:

Final Project and your final grade will depend on this:


Again, here are the description and requirements of each piece of the portfolio:

5-YearPlan (added to the 4-Year Plan)      CareerPathwaysRubric


PersonalMissionStatement              ResumeRubric        LifeboatRubric

Ways to Pay for Higher Education Reflection and Rubric

 Budget Investigation Plan


Friday, May 27th 2016:

Check books back into library!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25th 2016:

First, we need to complete this survey.

We also need to make sure everything gets uploaded to Naviance from our digital portfolio.  Upload the final version, and only what actually applies to the actual portfolio piece as described in Naviance.

We also need to reflect on our community service project.  In doing this, it will be the last piece of our digital portfolio, and need to be uploaded along with your actual plan.



  • Do you feel like you were successful with your community service project? Why or why not? (Obviously hypothetical)
  • What were the specific outcomes of your community project?
  • Did the specific outcomes match up with your intended/anticipated outcomes?
  • Explain three things from the project that helped you grow as a student ( or as a citizen):
  • What are you most proud of about your overall project?


Thursday, May 19th 2016:

Share our experiences with design!   We will also spend some time uploading documents into Naviance for our final portfolio.

Tuesday, May 17th 2016:

Remember watching that video about Caine’s arcade?  How did that help you as you planned your customer’s ideal backpack?

Today we will resume some of the backpack design from last Friday and try and enhance that process.  Ultimately, we need to complete a community service project.

Friday, May 13th 2016:

Today we will be working on a backpack design challenge to help introduce our last unit for the year: community service.  First, we will watch this video.  Drawing on inspiration from this video, we will design a backpack for a user.

It is only the beginning stages of design and this process will be continued later.

Wednesday, May 11th 2016:

I know you are always disappointed when I can’t be around during tutorial, so I’d like to let you know why.  Your academy teachers examined this document.  I’d like you to look at it.  Study it.  What does this mean?  Teachers and administrators are always looking for better ways to provide quality education to you.

Here is yet another chance to give us meaningful feedback as to what we can do including what we did right.  After viewing the document, go here and fill out this survey.

Following that, examine the rubric for the personal budget. Go here and scroll down to page 37.  Notice any other rubrics in there that you need to look at?  Make sure you have uploaded the correct documents into Naviance.

Monday, May 9th 2016:

Today we will be working on uploading our digital portfolio to Naviance.  Raquel will be here and we will follow her instructions as to how to do this.  We also need to finish our CRLE – Career Related Learning Experience.

Following that, we will watch a few videos and reflect on them.

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016:

Now that we have completed the introduction-to-developing-a-budget-investigation1  assignment, we need to make it look a little bit cleaner.

You need to finalize the personal budget unit by picking one of your salaries from the previous assignment, and making your budget again.  It could be a copy and past situation depending on how clear your previous work is.  A completed budget will have:

-Yearly/Monthly Salary

-Rent (1-bedroom in Portland)

-Transportation costs

-Electricity/Gas/Water costs

-Phone/Internet/TV costs

-Student Loans

-Luxury costs (clothes, etc.)

-List the total amount of money you spent on bills, and subtract that from how much money you make per month.

-List your leftover money for each month.

Finally, we will write a reflection on the personal budget unit.

Wednesday, April 27th 2016:

Today we need to complete the introduction-to-developing-a-budget-investigation1  assignment.

Monday, April 25th 2016:

Today we are comparing a budget that you would have in two scenarios:  Having a high school degree and having a college degree.  Go to Oregon CIS to find your college degree and job.  Just pick one from there to get the details on the salary.  Complete this assignment: introduction-to-developing-a-budget-investigation1 You’ll have to create a google doc to make this work.

This graphic could give you some idea on what you are looking at: HigherEdvsHighSchool

Thursday, April 21st 2016:

First, lets finish our search for a quality apartment in Portland.  You should have a google doc that matches this:  Finding a 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartment.

Next, we will watch this video about good credit.   What did you already know?  What did you learn?  What do you have questions about?

Next, we are going to make a comic strip!!  Go to Make Beliefs Comix, and create a comic that could be used to give advice to others, or your future self, about credit cards and their uses. In this comic, you should have at least 5 things you have learned, and try to be creative! If you want to create a comic longer than three panels, you will have to create more than one.

Tuesday, April 19th 2016:

First, we are going to watch this video about credit cards.

We’ve covered some good stuff so far, and today we are going to dive a little deeper into one aspect of creating a budget:  Housing.  Remember, we still have last weeks Class Budget to finish, but put a pause on that until we understand housing a bit more.

You will research using Craigslist (or other rental property sites) to find a 1-bedroom and then a 3-bedroom apartment in each area of portland.  The assignment is here.

Friday, April 15th 2016:

Today we will continue our personal finance unit.  We first need to finish the glue-in introduction-to-personal-finance.  Following that, we have to take some notes on this slideshow: PlanAhead_L8_Presentation_Banking_OpenVersion_2013  and fill out this glue in:  Banking and Finances.

We ultimately need to create a budget as part of our portfolio.  This will include completing this form:  Class Budget.  Make this into a google spreadsheet instead of using Excel.  This way it will be easy to put in your CCE-Portfolio folder.

Don’t forget about that Reality Check we did in Oregon CIS.  This should help get you thinking about your search process.

Wednesday, April 13th 2016:

Now that all of our portfolio pieces are in order, we are going to move onto another section called personal finance.  This stuff is super valuable!!

You will need:  The full sheet-glue in introduction-to-personal-finance

Then you will work with this by playing 2-weeks of Lemonade Stand.  Your “wallet” will be the amount you have after the two-weeks.

Be thinking about how credit cards and money change what you can do!

Monday, April 11th 2016:

Today you are going to finish up your reflection on the paying for college presentation we did last week.  Make sure to check your reflection against this rubric:  Ways to Pay for Higher Education Reflection and Rubric

After that, you can spend some time going back and making sure all of your other projects are also completed.  There are some additional guides for you in the post from last week.

Finally, you will have some time to play the 14-day version of Lemonade Stand.  Believe it or not, we will use this later when we talk about personal finance – which is another portfolio piece that we will be getting to.

Thursday, April 6th 2016:

Ensuring your Digital Portfolio is up-to-date.  Below are links to each item’s rubric.  Double check that each one is correct.

5-YearPlan (added to the 4-Year Plan)      CareerPathwaysRubric


PersonalMissionStatement              ResumeRubric        LifeboatRubric

What’s after that???

I have a small presentation for you on College, and how you can pay for it.  We will go through that together and complete some notes.

My wonderful colleague, Mr. Butenhoff, has taken a slide show describing college education and put in on his website here:  PPS College   If you see him in the hallway, thank him for being awesome.  Also, Ms. Ordaz is pretty darn amazing too, so let her know you appreciate her awesomeness.  Feel free to copy the positive energy this week folks – we all need it 🙂

I’ve taken the exact assignment (portfolio piece) and created a document for it here: Ways to Pay for Higher Education


Important NW Youth Careers Expo Permission Slip


Thursday, February 25th 2016

I certainly hope you enjoyed the NW Youth Careers Expo yesterday.  Today we will be moving on towards reflecting upon the college application process.

You will complete the glue in-reflection I handed out, and then create a google doc and submit it via google drive.  This is due by the end of the period.  Both the glue-in and the short essay should be finished by the end of class.

Please see the rubric for details about how I will grade you.

Friday, February 19th 2016

  1.  SSR
  2. Prepping for the Northwest Career Expo

Career Expo Exhibitors Glue in and complete career-expo-prep.  Use the list of Career Expo Exhibitors and big-and-small-questions to help complete the glue in.

When you are done with the glue in, check in with Jamieson.

Friday, February 12th 2016:

  1.  SSR
  2. Ideal school project.

Ideal School Project

You will complete this handout, and then summarize your ideas/thoughts through either a poster or google slideshow.

Use the rubric to guide your project.

Ideal Project Rubric

Wednesday, February 10th 2016:

  1.  SSR
  2. Take out your notebook and glue in the scavenger hunt worksheet
  3. Log-in to Oregon CIS and log in using:

Username:  1Franklin

Password:  FHS03

4.  Complete the glue in

Monday, February 8th 2016:

  1.  SSR
  2. Forecasting Night  (Provided by Mr. Butenhoff…. thanks!!! )
  3. Presentations/Discussion about what your version of school looks like
  4. If time, I’ll tell you a story about getting locked in an elevator and what I thought about while there.


Thursday, February 4th 2016:

Finish the Four-Year Plan:

  1.  Use this file to guide your final product.  You will re-create this document and submit it in Google Drive:

Four-Year Plan

2)  Next, use this picture to make another outline of all the activities you will do and submit via google drive:


Tuesday, February 2nd 2016:

  1.  Complete the assignment from last class and ensure that it is submitted in google drive.
  2. Complete the Four-YearPlan  worksheet, and use the resources located here:

forecasting-flyer   and here:     Forecasting Guide

3.  Ensure that these are complete and also submitted via google drive.

At this point, your Google Drive will have the following:

-My Life Boat

-Personal Mission Statement

-Two Career Pathways Presentation


-My Four-Year Plan

Friday, January 29th 2016

Based on the movie DropOutNation, we need to spend some time reflecting.

Your assignment is as follows:

  1.  Complete this:


2. Following that, you will do the following:

How would you make a better high school?

You are in charge.  Throw everything you know about high school out the window.  Throw the schedule, throw the textbooks, throw…everything out.  Start over.  Consider the following three main questions:

  1. What should teachers do to make sure students understand their class so students can pass?  The content needs to stay the same.  The presentation of content, the grading policies, the way teachers interact with students etc. is up to you.
  2. What should principals do to make sure students pass classes?  Students still need to fulfill their graduation requirements.  What classes could be added to the school day to support students who struggle?  How about after school programs?  Online classes?
  3. How can students help each other pass classes so they can graduate on time?  How can students of the same grade support each other?  How can older students support younger students?

Using google image searches, find a picture that answers each question and write (at least) two sentences for each picture.  In the end, you have should three pictures and (at least) six sentences.  In Google Drive you will create a document with your images and your complete sentences.  When you finish, drop your work into your shared folder in the CCE portfolio.