Hello!  Welcome to Geometry for the 2017-2018 school year.  In order to view the exact learning targets for this year, please see the Portland Public Schools link for the Learning Targets.  We will be following those targets throughout the year.

Each topic will be introduced and assessed in class.  Students will have class work which often will need to be finished at home for homework.  I will check homework the following class period and provide them with a stamp in class when complete.  The units below will be updated as we progress through the year.

Unit 3:  Lines and Angles

Day 9: September 25th.  Objective:  Students will name angles, identify the measurement of angles, and use proper notation when identifying congruent line segments and angles.

Day 8: September 21st.  Objective:  Students will name lines, line segments, and ray’s.  Students will identify the midpoint of a segment and define vocabulary words. Notes:  G3-1Notes Assignment:  G3-1Work

Unit 2: Transformations

Day 7:  September 19th.  Objective:   Students will prove their knowledge on transformations.

Day 6:  September 15th.  Objective:  Students will review transformations and prepare for a unit test.  Review:  G2-4Review

Day 5: September 13th.  Objective:  Students will use coordinate rules to rotate figures clockwise and counter-clockwise 90, 270, and 360 degrees.  Group Stations:  G2-3GroupProblems Glue In Notes:  G2-3GlueIn Assignment:  G2-3Assignment

Day 4: September 11th.  Objective:   Students will translate and reflect figures. Warm-Up:  2-2WarmUp Glue In Notes:   G2-2GlueIn Assignment:  G2-2Assignment

Day 3: Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing an assessment on symmetry.  Students will explore various types of transformations. Glue In Notes:  G2-1GlueIn Assignment: G2-1Assignment

Introductory Unit:  Symmetry

Where do you see symmetry?  It seems that these items attempt to be symmetric, but are merely an approximation of an exact symmetry.  Your daily assignments are listed below the pictures.


Day2:  Objective:  Students will learn some classroom rules and summarize learning on symmetry.  Presentation on Rules: G0-1andRules Glue In Notes:  G0-1Part2GlueIn  Homework (FRONT ONLY):  G1-1Assignment

Day 1:  Welcome!  Objective:  Students will learn class routines, collect materials necessary for learning, familiarize themselves with other students and explore methods for learning.  Notes:  G0-1 Assignment:  In-Class activity.


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