Hello!  Welcome to Geometry for the 2017-2018 school year.  In order to view the exact learning targets for this year, please see the Portland Public Schools link for the Learning Targets.  We will be following those targets throughout the year.

Each topic will be introduced and assessed in class.  Students will have class work which often will need to be finished at home for homework.  I will check homework the following class period and provide them with a stamp in class when complete.  The units below will be updated as we progress through the year.

Semester 1 Final Exam:

Schedule: JanuaryCalendarFinals (Subject to changes)

Day 38: January 23rd.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge on coordinate geometry by taking a final exam.  Homework:  None!

Day 37: January 19th.  Objective:  Students will review coordinate geometry material regarding perimeter and area.  Homework:  G6-FinalReview

Day 36:  January 17th:  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge on congruent triangles and parallelograms.  Homework:  Prepare for coordinate geometry assessment next week. Review:  G6-ReviewReflection

Day 35:  January 12th: Objective:  Students will show that two triangles are congruent using a two column proof.  Old Quizzes: G5-OldQuizzes

Day 34: January 8th: Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge on lines and angles.  Similarity Review:  G3FinalReview

Day 33: January 4th:  Objective: Students will prove their knowledge on transformations and symmetry.  Students will review theorems, postulates, and definitions about lines and angles.  Lines and Angles Review:  G2-FinalPractice

Day 32:  January 2nd: Objective:  Students will review symmetry and transformations in preparation for their final exam. Review Activity:  G1FinalPractice Homework Review Practice:  G1FinalReview

Maker Space Activity:

Day 31:  December 12th.  Objective:  Students will make a clinometer using a protractor, string, weights, tape, and other resources.  Clinometer


Unit 6:  Coordinate Geometry

Day 30.  December 8th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge on coordinate geometry.  Review:  G6-Review

Day 29.  December 6th.  Objective:  Students will find the area of a triangle given its vertices on a coordinate plane.  Notes:  G6-4NotesKey Assignment/Homework:  G-4Assignment

Day 28.  December 4th.  Objective:  Students will use the distance formula to find the perimeter of a figure.  Warm-Up:  WhichPointIsCloser?   Assignment/Homework:   G6-3(Part2)

Day 27: November 30th.  Objective:  Students will use the distance formula to find the perimeter of a figure.  Desmos Visual:  Distance Formula Kahoot:  Distance Formula Kahoot Notes:  G6-3Notes Key:  G6-3Part1NotesKey Formulas:  G6-3Formulas Key: G6-3Part2NotesKey Assignment/Homework:  G6-3Assignment

Day 26:  November 28th. Objective:  Students will review linear equations from a graph.  Act 1,2,3: Notes:  G 6-2Notes Assignment/Homework:  G6-2Assignment

Day 25: November 21st.   Objective:  Students will make test corrections.  Students will find the area of triangles and parallelograms as well as find the midpoint between two given points.  Notes:  G6-1Notes Assignment/Homework:  G6-1Assignment

Unit 5:  Congruent Triangles and Parallelagrams

Day 24: November 17th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing a chapter test.

Day 23: November 15th.  Objective:  Students will review congruence by completing a unit review.  Warm-Up:  G5-ReviewWarmUp Unit Review:  G5-Review Homework:  Finish the review, make a notecard for the test, and study to prepare for the test.

Day 22:  November 13th.  Objective:  Students will prove properties of quadrilaterals using congruent triangle conjectures.  Warm-Up:  G5-3WarmUp Parallelograms Toolkit:  ParallelogramsKey Assignment/Homework: G5-3Assignment  TEST ON FRIDAY!

Day 21:  November 6th. Objective:  Students will show that two triangles are congruent.  Warm-Up:  G5-2WarmUp Assignment/Homework:  G5-2Assignment

Day 20:  November 1st.  Objective:  Students will learn the congruency requirements for two triangles being congruent. Video: Neil Degrasse Tyson on Knowledge vs. Thinking Notes:  G5 Tool kit student version Key:  G5-ToolkitKey Assignment/Homework:  G5-1

Unit 4:  Similarity

Day 19:  October 30th. Objective:  Students will make test corrections on the similarity unit.  Students will use a ruler and protractor to draw a congruent triangle.  Homework: none.

Day 18: October 26th.  Objective:   Students will prove their knowledge about similar triangles.  TEST TODAY!

Day 17: October 24th.  Objective:  Students will prove triangles are similar, solve for missing sides in similar triangles, and apply real world problem solving using similar triangles.Warm-Up:   G4-5WarmUp Review:  G4-Review B-Level/A-Level Problems:  B-Level and A-Level Problems

Day 16:  October 20th.  Objective:  Students will review solving proportions and solve A Level problems.  AGENDA:  G4-ExtraDay

Day 15:  October 18th. Objective:  Students will use SSS, SAS, and AA similarity criterion to determine if two triangles are similar.  Notes:  G4-3Notes Filled In Notes:  G4-3NotesFilledIn Assignment:  G4-3Assignment A-Level Problems:  G4-3ALevelProblems

Day 14:  October 16th.  Objective:  Students will identify proportions with similar triangles and use them to solve for a missing side.  Notes:  G 4-2Notes Filled In Notes: G4-2NotesFilledIn Assignment:  G4-2

Day 13:  October 9th.  Objective:  Students will perform a dilation on the coordinate plane with the center of dilation centered at (0,0).  Notes:  G4-1Notes Filled In Notes:  G4-1NotesFilledIn Assignment:  G4-1Work

Unit 3:  Lines and Angles

Unit Notes:  G3-Unit Notes Completed

Day 12.  October 3rd.  Objective:  Students will review concepts to prepare for a chapter test.  Review:  G3-Review

Day 11. September 28th.  Objective:  Students will find the angle measures given a figure using Alternate Interior Angle, Same Side Interior Angle, and Corresponding Angle properties. Glue In:  G3-4Notes Assignment (Homework):  G3-4Work

Day 10.  September 27th.  Objective:  Students will identify, draw, and label complementary angles, supplementary angles, linear pair angles, and vertical angles.  Notes:  G3-2ABGlueInCompleted

Day 9.  September 25th.  Objective:  Students will name angles, and mark congruent lines and angles correctly.  Students will use the correct notation when naming angles and describing their measure.  Notes:  G3-2ANotes  and G3-2B Homework:  G3-2Work

Day 8: September 21st.  Objective:  Students will name lines, line segments, and ray’s.  Students will identify the midpoint of a segment and define vocabulary words. Notes:  G3-1Notes Assignment:  G3-1Work

Unit 2: Transformations

Here are the unit’s completed notes:  G2-GlueInsCompleted

Day 7:  September 19th.  Objective:   Students will prove their knowledge on transformations.

Day 6:  September 15th.  Objective:  Students will review transformations and prepare for a unit test.  Review:  G2-4Review

Day 5: September 13th.  Objective:  Students will use coordinate rules to rotate figures clockwise and counter-clockwise 90, 270, and 360 degrees.  Group Stations:  G2-3GroupProblems Glue In Notes:  G2-3GlueIn Assignment:  G2-3Assignment

Day 4: September 11th.  Objective:   Students will translate and reflect figures. Warm-Up:  2-2WarmUp Glue In Notes:   G2-2GlueIn Assignment:  G2-2Assignment

Day 3: Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing an assessment on symmetry.  Students will explore various types of transformations. Glue In Notes:  G2-1GlueIn Assignment: G2-1Assignment

Introductory Unit:  Symmetry

Where do you see symmetry?  It seems that these items attempt to be symmetric, but are merely an approximation of an exact symmetry.  Your daily assignments are listed below the pictures.



Day2:  Objective:  Students will learn some classroom rules and summarize learning on symmetry.  Presentation on Rules: G0-1andRules Glue In Notes:  G0-1Part2GlueIn  Homework (FRONT ONLY):  G1-1Assignment

Day 1:  Welcome!  Objective:  Students will learn class routines, collect materials necessary for learning, familiarize themselves with other students and explore methods for learning.  Notes:  G0-1 Assignment:  In-Class activity.


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