Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  Below you will find the daily assignments and relevant links for that lesson and chapter.  Please use the resources I send out and come to class prepared with questions.  Enjoy!

Geometry Standards: PPS Learning Targets

Unit 11:  Probability

MINI-QUIZ ANSWER KEY:  Geometry Quiz Key

Lesson 6:  May 8th/9th. Notes:  Notes Conditional Probability Assignment: Worksheet Conditional Probability

Lesson 5:  May 2nd/3rd.  Notes:  Two-Way Tables Notes  Assignment: Practice Problems

Lesson 4:  April 28th/May 1st.  Assignment/Homework: G8-3 Investigation & WorksheetComplements

Lesson 3: April 26th/27th. Assignment/Homework:  G8-2 Investigation Unions and Intersections and G8-2 Worksheet Unions and Intersections

Lesson 2: April 24/25th.  Assignment/Homework: G8-1 Notes Area ModelsG8-1  and Worksheet Probability Models

Lesson 1:  April 20th/21st.  Assignment/Homework:  G11-0 Probability

Unit 10:  Volume

Standard G9a.  I can find the volume of a prism, cylinder, cone, pyramid and sphere.

Lesson 10-1:  April 10th/11th.  Video Link: Khan Academy .  Assignment: G10-Assignment  Formula Sheet: Geometry formula sheet


Unit 8:  Constructions

Standard G8b.  I can use tools and methods to create constructions

Lesson 8-1:  April 3rd/4th.  Homework: G8-Review   This material was presented before spring break.  It can be reviewed by using this resource:  Math Open Ref

Unit 9:  Circles

Standard G7a. I can apply the properties of angles within circles.

Standard G7b.  I can calculate the area of a sector and arc length.

Standard G7c. I can identify the center and radius of a circle given its equation.

Lesson G9-8.  March 15th/16th.  Objective:  I can identify the center and radius of a circle given its equation  Notes: G 9-8  Assignment: Equations of Circles  Helpful Video: Khan Academy

Helpful Link:  Circles

Lesson G9-7: March 7th/8th.  Objective:  Students will find the area of a sector of a circle.  Notes: G9-7Notes  Assignment: G9-7

Lesson G9-6: March 3rd/6th.  Objective: Students will find the arc length and circumference of circles. Notes: G9-6 Notes Assignment:  G 9-6


Helpful Link:  Circles

Standard G7a. I can apply the properties of angles within circles.

Review!!!  Make sure you can complete all of these problems.  G9-Review

Lesson 5: February 16th/17th.  Objective:  Students will apply properties of chords.  Assignment: G 9-5 Glue In (blank): G 9-5 Glue In

Lesson 4: February 14th/15th.  Objective:  Students will apply properties of tangent lines and circumscribed angles.  Assignment: G 9-4  Notes (blank): G 9-4 Glue In

Lesson 3:  February 10th/13th.  Objective:  Students will apply properties of chords and tangent lines.  Assignment: G 9-3  Notes (blank):  G 9-3 Glue In

Lesson 2: February 8th/9th.  Objective:  Students will use properties of inscribed angles and central angles.  Assignment: G 9-2 Notes (blank):  G 9-2 Glue In

Lesson 1:  February 6th/7th.  Objective: Students will apply the rules for naming circles, arcs, and sectors to circles.  Assignment: G 9-1  Notes (blank): G9-1 glue in

Final Exam Prep:

Below are links to small portions of each chapter review.  Students will be expected to take similar assessments for all chapters.

Ch. 1: G1 Review

Ch. 2 G2 Review

Ch. 3 G3 Review

Ch. 4 G4 Review

Ch.5 G5 Review

Unit 6:  Coordinate Geometry

Standard G6a.  I can use coordinates of the vertices of polygons to calculate their area and perimeter

Standard G6b.  I can justify a claim about a figure using the coordinate grid

Lesson 4:  Calculate the equation of a parallel or perpendicular line through a point given a line and a point.  Notes/Assignment: G6-4

Lesson 3: Calculate the Midpoint of segments and the area of triangles and parallelograms.  Notes/Assignment: G 6-3 Helpful Link:  Midpoint Formula

Lesson 2: Using the distance formula to calculate perimeter.  Assignment: G 6-2

Lesson 1:  Pythagorean Theorem and it’s connection to the distance formula.  Notes: G 6-1  Helpful Link:  Distance Formula

Unit 5: Triangles and Parallelograms (Application and Proof)

Standard G5a.  I can justify that two triangles are congruent and can use this to prove theorems about parallelograms

Lesson 3 and 4:  Assignments: G 5-3 and G 5-3

Lesson 2: November 28th/29th.  Objective:  Students will create a hierarchy of quadrilaterals, define them, and begin to connect their properties to congruent triangles. Assignment: G5-2.

Lesson 1: November 21st/22nd.  Objective:  Students will complete a triangle congruence toolkit and determine whether two triangles are congruent. Assignment: G5-1.

Unit 4: Trigonometry

Standard G4a.  I can use appropriate tools to find missing sides and angles in right triangles

Lesson 5: November 15th/16th.  Objective:  Students will summarize concepts from this unit and create their own practice problems that assess understanding at a variety of difficulty levels. Assignment: G4-4

Lesson 4: November 8th/14th. Objective:  Students will use the inverse trigonometric functions to solve for missing angles.  Assignment: G 4-3

Lesson 3: November 3rd/7th. Objective: Students will use sine, cosine, and tangent to find missing sides of triangles.  AssignmentG 4-2 Notes: G 4-2 Notes

Lesson 2: November 1st/2nd. Objective:  Students will review proportions and similar triangles.  Assignment: G4-0

Lesson 1:  October 28th/31st. Objective:  Students will use slope triangles to calculate slope.  Assignment: G 4-1 

Unit 3:  Similarity

Standard G3a. I can determine that two figures are similar.

Extra Practice Day:  Review this document.  It covers Algebra 1-2 material that you will need in the future.

Day G3-4: October 20th/21st.  Objective:  Students will use flow charts to prove that figures are similar.  Assignments: G 3-4 FlowChart and G 3-4 Word Problems.

Day G3-3:  October 13th/17th.  Objective:  Students will use similarity criterion to determine whether triangles are similar.  Assignment:  G 3-3 Assignment Homework:  Finish the assignment.

Day G3-2 October 11th/12th.  Objective:  Students will determine whether two figures are similar.  Notes: G3-2 Notes  Assignment: G3-2 Assignment Homework: Finish the assignment. YouTube Video:  G 3-2 Video

Day G3-1 October 7th/10th.   Objective:  Students will explore the concept of similarity.  Students will perform dilations given a scale factor and center.  Assignment: G 3-1 Homework:  Finish the assignment. YouTube Video:  G 3-1 Video


Geometry provides a great opportunity to put mathematics into the hands of the students.  After finishing our first two units on symmetry, transformations, lines, and angles, we decided to package it all up and extend that knowledge using our maker space.  The students had learned about how to use mathematical notation to label lines and angles, and they also had explored ideas on reflectional and rotational symmetry.  Their task involved designing a 3D shape that when viewed from directly above would have either rotational or reflectional symmetry (possibly both).  They performed dilations, translations, rotations, and reflections in the computer program and ended up with some great looking results.

Our extension included actually drawing a scale model of their shape using the mathematical vocabulary they had learned.  We discussed the importance of being literate in this area – and not just for those that want to be mathematicians or engineers.  The document the followed can be found here.  I’ve modified it slightly to contain a little bit more sound mathematical ideas (symmetry exclusively from the diagram in top-view).


Unit 2: Lines and Angles

Standard G2a. I can use theorems, postulates, or definitions about lines and angles.

Day 2-1:  September 15/16th.  Objective:  Students will identify points, lines, line segments, midpoints, rays, and identify angles.  Glue-In: g2-1-gluein  2-2gluein   Students completed the glue-in with examples and we practiced writing the points, lines, etc. properly.  Make special note of the difference between supplementary angles and a linear pair!  Homework/Assignment: g2-1  and g2-2 .   YouTube videos: G2-1  and G2-2.

Day 2-3:  September 19th/20th.  Objective:  Students will explore angle pair relationships including parallel lines cut by a transversal.  Glue-In: G2-3 Glue In .

Day 2-4: September 21st/22nd.  Objective: Students will explore how geometric proofs are completed.  Assignment: g2-4 .  The glue In is the first part of the assignment.

Day 2-5:  September 23rd/26th.  Objective:  Students will review lines and angles and complete a group test to review for a unit test.  Assignment: Group Test

Day 2-6: September 27th/28th.  Objective:  Students will summarize learning from the first two chapters by designing and making a shape in the maker space.  Assignment: Maker Space

Day 2-7:  September 29th/30th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing a unit test.

Unit 1:  Transformations

Standard G1a:  I can draw rigid transformations

Day 1-1:  August 29/30.  Students will identify symmetries and transformations.  Homework/Assignment: G1-1 symmetry and types of transformations.  YouTube video: G1-1 .

Day 1-2:  August 31/September 1.  Students will perform reflections and translations using coordinate rules.  Assignment: G1-2 reflections and translations  .  YouTube video:  G1-2

Day 1-3:  September 2nd/6th.  Students will perform rotations about a point and explore coordinate rules.  Assignment:  G1-3 rotations.  YouTube video:  G1-3

Day 1-4:  September 7th/8th.  Students will perform compositions of transformations including reflections over the line y = x.  YouTube video:  G1-4

Day 1-5:  September 9th/12th.  Students will review chapter concepts and complete a group test/review.  This class period will summarize concepts to prepare for a test the following class.  g1-toolkit

Day 1-6:  September 13th/14th.  Students will prove their knowledge about transformations by completing a chapter test.  CHAPTER TEST.  


Looking for homework??  The most recent chapter is at the top of this page, and each day is listed within that chapter.  Make sure you scroll up to find it!