Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  This year I am teaching PreCalculus and supporting two Algebra 1-2 classes.  Below you will find an overview on some main topics regarding each class.  If you use the navigation at the top of this page you can see more content information for each class.  Search for the unit (chronological order) and find the lesson you need.


 This course tends to be very difficult for many students.  Some of those reasons include inconsistency in study habits, absences, and a lack of proper background knowledge of second year algebra concepts.  In order to help this, I work on providing advice for what students should do to help them succeed regarding scheduling time to study and what to study.  I also have made several YouTube videos and provided links to Khan Academy videos so that students can learn material and come to class with questions.

Please note that previous success in math courses do not automatically result success in this course.  I will work hard to provide a clear pathway for student success.


1% – Daily Quizzes (used as a way for students and teachers to check for understanding)

4% – Homework Stamps (Homework gets stamped if completed on time and each problem was attempted)

10% – Team/Group Tests (Often conducted as a review for an individual test)

60% – Individual Tests (No notes allowed.  We will restrict calculators on certain tests)

25% – Final Exam (Same format as individual tests)

My YouTube Channel is here:  Rob Jamieson  (click on the PreCalculus playlist)


I generally don’t have “favorites”, but geometry as a subject is very interesting and fun to me.  If your student is enrolled in Geometry, you can track what unit they are on using the navigation at the top.


There are two types of assignments, classwork/homework and tests.  This is how they are graded for their overall grade:

1% – Homework/Class work/ DailyQuizzes

99% – Tests

Assignments are given in class each day and if they are not completed 100% they become homework.  Often students will get about halfway done and then need to finish it at home.  They are due the class period after they are assigned, although I do not mark them late.  Ever.  Students that stay on track with the class by completing assignments when they are due tend to have more success in mathematics.

Tests can be re-taken if needed as many times as is needed.  The point of a test is for a student to prove their knowledge.  We have until the end of the semester to do this, but please don’t procrastinate.

I am going to be doing my best to supplement other projects and activities for Geometry as I see fit.

From 2015-2016:  Credit Recovery (Algebra)

For students who did not earn credit first semester, or who received a “D”, I am offering a credit recovery option.  Students must prove their knowledge through watching YouTube videos on content, completing the worksheets in a packet including the review, and then taking that chapter test.  The review for each chapter is the last page in the packet.  This review is very important to complete.

Chapter 1 (Review):

A First Unit CR

Chapter 6:

A Unit 6 CR

Chapter 7:

A Unit 7 CR

Chapter 8 (Part 1):

A Unit 8 CR

Chapter 8 (Part 2):

A Unit 8 pt 2 CR

Final Exam: