Welcome! Lesson details for each day are described below.  I will do my best to not only stay updated, but also provide extra links and resources for you to use and explore.

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Chapter 3:  Polynomial and Rational Functions

Test Date(s):  October 31st (A-Day) and November 4th (B-Day)

Day 17:   October 14th/15th.  Objective:  Students will use Descartes Rule of Signs and the Rational Zeros Theorem to solve cubic equations. Notes Key: PC3-4NotesKEY Helpful Videos: Descartes Rule of Signs and Rational Roots Theorem Homework:  page 224 #’s 21, 23, 25, 33, 35, and 37.  Page 231 #’s 23 and #25.

Day 16:  October 9th/10th.  Objective:  Students will write the equation of a polynomial in standard form given factors, roots, and points on the graph.Class Practice: We finished the problems from last class – PC3-2GroupChallenge.  Practice problems solutions: PC3-2GroupChallengeKEY(3) and PC3-2GroupChallengeKEY(4) Class Notes: PC3-3NotesKEY  Homework:  On page 214, the Factor theorem is written.  In your notebook, copy down the factor theorem and put a box around it.  At the bottom of page 214 there is an example on using the factor theorem – use that to remind yourself of what to do.  On page 223-224, complete problems 11, 12, and 20.  On page 231, complete problems 7, 9, 11, 17, and 19.  Make sure you are showing work on these problems 🙂

Day 15:  October 7th/8th.  Objective:  Students will determine roots of a polynomial given a factor. Class work:  PC3-2GroupChallenge Group Challenge Keys:  PC3-2GroupChallengeKEY(1)  and PC3-2GroupChallengeKEY(2) Homework: Complete this document:  PC3-1Practice (If you were in class last week, you were handed a paper copy of it).

Day 14: October 3rd/4th.  Objective:  Students will identify polynomials and properties of polynomials.  Homework:  First identify where section 3.1 is in your notebook.  Section 3.1 has notes on the practice problems.  Here is the official assignment:  On page(s) 208-209 complete problem #’s 15, 17, 19, 41, 43, 49, and 65.

Chapter 1: Functions and Their Graphs (part 2)

Test Date(s): October 1st (A-Day) and October 2nd (B-Day)

Day 13:  October 1st/2nd.  Objective:  Students will complete a unit test on functions and their graphs.  Homework:  PC3-0

Day 12:  September 27th/30th.  Objective:  Students will review unit objectives and complete a review document to study for an individual test next class. Review:  PC1(part2) Review Review Key: PC1(part2) ReviewKEY Homework:  Study for the the test! Review the review document, daily quizzes, homework problems, class work problems, and don’t forget to ask questions if you have them.  My Channel for Precalculus is available to you if you need a refresh on a concept!  

Day 11:  September 25th/26th.  Objective:  Students will find the average rate of change between two numbers given a function. Class Notes: PC1-9DiffQNotesKey Presentation:  Presentation – Start on slide 33.   Homework:  page 55, #’s 77 and 78.  Page 76 #’s 67, 68, and 69.

Day 10:  September 23rd/24th.  Objective:  Students will perform transformations on functions and write coordinate rules for the transformation.Class Practice:  PC1-7ClassPractice  Coordinate Rules Notes: PC1-8NotesKey Homework:  page 54 #’s 39 and 40 – only complete part (h) in those problems.  Page 98 and 100, complete #’s 32,37 and 95.

Day 9:  September 19th/20th.  Objective:  Students will perform transformations on functions. Class Notes:  PC1-7NotesKEYClass Practice:  PC1-7Investigation Homework:  On page 86 complete #33, and # 41.  On page 100 complete #94.

Chapter 1:  Functions and Their Graphs (part 1)

Test Date(s):

A-Day Students: 9/17

B-Day Students:  9/18

Day 8:  September 17th/18th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing a mid-chapter test.  Class Activity:  Take the test.  Homework stamps were counted today (there were 6 possible stamps) Homework:  Complete the PC1-6Practice document.

Day 7: September 13th/16th.    Review for test:  PC1-Review(1)Review Key:  PC1-Review(1)KEY As a reminder and a general rule for this class, simply completing the review is not sufficient to ensure 100% comprehension of concepts.  All daily quizzes, homework, class work, and notes should all be reviewed in order to be fully prepared for a test.  Homework:  Study for the test next class! Side-Note:  There are extra practice problems at the end of chapter 1.  You can look there for supplemental work if you’d like more practice.

Day 6: September 11th/12th.  Objective:  Students will determine the intervals on which a graph is concave up or concave down.  Students will identify local and absolute maxima and minima on a graph. Class Practice:  PC1-5InvestigationNotes Class Practice KEY: PC1-5InvestigationNotesKEY Notes:  PC1-5FormalNotes Homework: PC1-5HomeworkSet

Day 5:  September 9th/10th.  Objective:  Students will determine whether a function is even, odd, or neither both algebraically and graphically. Suggested Book Reading:  pages 66 and 67 Class Notes:  PC1-4NotesKey Homework:  pg. 61 # 9 AND pg. 75 #’s 33, 35, 38, 41, and 42.

Day 4:  September 5th/6th:  Objective:  Students will use a graph to determine where a function is increasing, decreasing, or constant. Recommended Book Reading:  Examine page 68 of your textbook for details and definitions on increasing/decreasing intervals. Class Notes:  PC1-3Notes  Homework:  p. 74 #’s 21-25.

Day 3: September 3rd/4th:  Objective:  Students will find the domain of a function algebraically. Notes: PC1-2Notes Class Practice: PC1-2Assignment KEY: PCSection1.2KEY Homework:  Re-read pages 49-50.  On Page 54:  Complete #’s 40, 52, 53, 55, and 59. Remind:  I’d like to use the Remind App this year.  Here is a link to sign up:  PreCalculus Remind

Day 2: August 29th/30th.  Objective:  Students will review Algebra 3-4 material in groups moving around the classroom. Class Problem Set Solutions:  PC1-1StationsSolutions Homework: Read section 1.1 (pg. 43-53) to review.  On page 53 and 54, complete problems 1,3,5,6,10, 15-20, and 39. Remind:  I’d like to use the Remind App this year.  Here is a link to sign up:  PreCalculus Remind

Day 1: August 28.  Objective:  Students will familiarize themselves with class rules and routines as they analyze the learning objectives for the school year. Class Power Point:  First Day Intro  Course Syllabus: PCSyllabus19-20 Homework:  Visit this website (if you are reading this, congratulations).  Watch the first three videos on My Channel for Precalculus .  Begin obtaining necessary course materials and see me if you need help.