Welcome! Lesson details for each day are described below.  I will do my best to not only stay updated, but also provide extra links and resources for you to use and explore.  My Channel for Precalculus

Helpful Tutor:  Drew Laiche (  Advanced Math Tutor.

Unit 4:  Trigonometry

Day 40: January 22nd. Objective:  Students will review unit material to prepare for a group test.  Review:  PC4-Review Review Key:  PC4-ReviewKey Homework:  Be ready for the group test during finals week.  Also be ready for your individual test on the first day of 2nd semester.

Day 39: January 18th.  Objective:  Students will use the inverse trigonometric functions to find angles. Notes:  PC4-6Notes Classwork Assignment: PC4-6InversePractice Homework:  p. 467 #’s 1-45 odd.

Day 38: January 16th.  Objective:  Students will find the zeros of a trigonometric function using a graph.  Students will write the equations of trigonometric functions given a graph or details about the graph.  Notes: PC4-5NotesKey Homework: p. 450 #’s 1-11 odd, 21-26 all, 31-37 odd (just graph the function and ignore the “steps” it mentions in the description).

Day 37: January 11th. Objective:  Students will graph trigonometric functions.  Notes:  PC4-4Notes and PC4-4Toolkit Homework:  PC4-4

Day 36:  January 9th. Objective:  Students will complete reference triangles given information about an angle or trigonometric function. Notes:  PC4-3Part1Notes and PC4-3Part2Notes Class Assignment:  PC4-3 Homework: p. 429 #’s 1-7 odd, #’s 17, 19, 25, 29.  #’s 33-39 odd.

Day 35: January 5th.  Objective:  Students will complete the unit circle. Unit Circle Video #1: Unit Circle Background Unit Circle Memorizing Method: Unit Circle Values Notes:  IntroTrigNotesPC4-2 Class Assignment:  PC4-2Practice Homework:  p. 417 #’s 1-9 odd, #’s 11, 15, 19, 23, 31, and 33.

Day 34: January 3rd. Objective:  Students will review basic concepts on angle measure and arc length. More Notes: DMSNotes and  Trig-Intro Notes  Skill Builder:  PC4-1Skillbuilder Homework:  p 404 #’s 1-39 odd, 43-67 every other odd, #69 and #75. For a Bonus stamp:  Complete #70, 73, and 77 AND be able to explain and show your work.

12-18-17 Update:  I’m still working on grading your finals.  Will post to synergy when I am finished.

Homework for break:  Check out these notes that go along with your book:  Trig-Intro Notes  You should be looking at your book as well – chapter 5.  I’m also attaching a glue-in from my Geometry class that includes information you absolutely need to know. G4 – SOHCAHTOA Official assignment:  p 404 #’s 1-39 odd, 43-67 every other odd, #69 and #75.  Last year we had many breaks due to snow.  Feel free to check out some links from my precalculus class last year.

Semester 1 Final Exam (December 13th and December 15th):

In order to prepare for the Final Exam, you should:

  1.  Review all daily quizzes from this semester
  2. Review/Re-do each chapter review/group test for the unit tests
  3. Complete the Final Exam Review (Complete problems in your notebook!)
  4. Prepare questions to ask in class

Here is a Final_Exam_Review (Created by a professor at PCC – A. E. Cary)

Here are the Solutions (Created by a professor at PCC – A. E. Cary)

Unit 3:  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Day 32 and Day 33: December 5th and December 7th.  Part 1 and Part 2 of the Exam

Day 31: December 1st. Objective:  Students will review unit material by completing a review.  Review:  PC3-Review  Review Key:  PC3-ReviewKey1 Updates:  Your test will be given in two parts, the first of which is on Tuesday.  Part 1 (Tuesday) will be focusing on solving for x using logarithms and Part 2 (Thursday) will be on the application problems.  You’ll receive a formula sheet as well as some guidance as to how to round answers.

Day 30: November 29th.  Objective:  Students will use logarithms to find the decibel levels of a sound and the magnitudes of earthquakes.  Notes:  PC3-6NotesKey Classwork-Stations:  PC3-6ClassworkStations Homework:  p. 386 #’s 1-10 ALL.

Day 29: November 27th.  Objective:  Students will solve application problems involving exponentials and logarithms.  Notes:  PC3-5NotesKey Classwork:  PC3-5KeyBack  and PC3-5KeyFront We completed the problems together in class.  Homework:  Finish the problems from the document (#’s 5-10)  PC3-5Assignment

Day 28:  November 20th.  Objective:  Students will use interest formulas to answer application problems.  Notes:  PC3-4Notes Notes Key: PC3-4NotesKey Classwork:  PC3-4Assignment Homework:  p 357 #’s 1-15 odd, 25-33 odd, #37, and #39.

Day 27:  November 16th:  Objective:  Students will review the assignment from last class working through the homework questions together.  Today’s in class notes:  PC3-3SelectedAnswers  I picked what I thought was the best example of the homework and scanned those problems.  Make sure to e-mail me other questions as they come up.  Homework:  Finish the homework from last class if you didn’t already (it’s listed right below).  Also preview the next lesson by reading pages 350-357.  Take notes by writing down the theorems and formulas you see.  When a formula or theorem is shown, make sure to define any variables that occur in the formula.  For example, the Simple Interest Formula on page 350 defines I=Prt.  You should have a sentence or two about what this formula does, as well as an explanation of what I, P, r, and t all stand for.

Day 26:  November 14th.  Objective:  Students will use properties of logarithms to solve equations.Notes:  PC3-3PartANotesKey  and PC3-3PartBNotesKey Homework:  PC 3-3(part1) worksheet #’s 13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 24, 27, 29, 30, 43, 44.  ALSO:  PC 3-3(part 2) worksheet ALL 8 problems.

Day 25: November 7th.  Objective:  Students will find the domain of a logarithm.  Students will complete application problems with exponential and logarithmic functions.  Notes:  PC3-2Notes Class work: PC3-2Assignment Homework:  p. 330 #’s 37-45 odd, #’s 77-82 ALL.  Preview the properties of logarithms for the next lesson!

Day 24:  November 2nd.  Objective:  Students will graph the exponential and logarithmic functions.  Students will convert between exponential and logarithmic functions.  Notes:  PC3-1Notes:Assignment Notes Key:  PC3-1NotesKey Homework: p 320 #’s 39,40,41, and 61.  p. 330 #’s 1-29 odd.

Unit 2: Polynomial and Rational Functions

Day 23: October 31st. Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing a chapter test. Homework:  Preview the next unit on exponential functions and logarithms.  Answer the question:  What is the circle of logs?

Day 21: October 27th.  Objective:  Students will collaborate in order to complete a group test.  Homework:   Study for the individual test on Tuesday! Helpful Study Resource:  Take a look at all of your quizzes from this unit.  We’ve covered quite a bit.  I’m linking the answer key’s right here: PC2-QuizzesKey Also, there are other review problems in your book at the end of the chapter. Group Test (Blank):  PC2-GroupTestPart1and2

Day 20:  October 25th.  Objective:  Students will write equations of rational functions given a graph.  PC2-6 Homework:  Study for the group test on Friday!

Day 19:  October 23rd.  Objective:  Students will identify horizontal and oblique asymptotes in a rational function.  Notes:  PC2-5Notes  Notes Key:  PC2-5NotesKey Assignment: PC2-5PracticeProblems Homework:  Finish all practice problems (in your notebook).  PC2-5PracticeProblems

Day 18: October 19th.  Objective:  Students will determine the x-intercepts, y-intercept, domain, and vertical asymptotes of a rational function.  Notes:  PC2-4Notes Notes Key:  PC2-4NotesKey Assignment (Homework):  PC2-4Assignment.

Day 17: October 17th.  Objective:  Students will determine the number of positive, negative, and imaginary roots using Descartes Rule of Signs.  Students will use the Rational Zeros Theorem to create a list of potential rational zeros of a function.  Notes:  PC2-3Notes Homework:  p. 263 #’s 1,2,3.  p. 264 #’s 11-15 odd, 41-49 odd.

Day 16:  October 12th.  Objective:  Students will simplify expressions necessary for writing solutions for polynomials.  Peer-Graded Quiz:  PC2-2Quiz Practice Problems:  PC2-SkillBuilding Key:  PC2-SkillbuildingKey Homework:  p 273 #’s 45-53 odd, p. 279 #’s 1-9 odd.  Also, watch these two videos:  Descartes Rule of Signs  and Rational Roots Theorem.  Write down one question for each video.  The questions will be required for a stamp.

Day 15: October 10th.   Objective:  Students will write the equation of a polynomial given its roots.  Students will identify the roots of a polynomial.  Intro Notes:  PC2-2(Pre)Notes Key: PC2-2PreKey “Real” Notes:  PC2-2Notes Key:  PC2-2NotesKey(1) and PC2-2NotesKey(2)  Homework:  PC2-2 (complete them all).

Day 14: October 6th.  Objective:  Students will analyze polynomials including power functions.  Class work:  PC2-0 Notes:  PC2-1 Answer Keys:  PC2-0FrontKey , PC2-0BackKey , PC2-1FrontKey and  PC2-1BackKey  Homework:  p 214 #’s 1-6 ALL.  p 224 #’s 1-19 odd. Interesting Link regarding where you study: Economist

Unit 1:  Functions and Their Graphs

Helpful Link: Khan Academy – Functions (You could easily familiarize yourself with many concepts using Khan Academy)  My Channel for Precalculus

Day 13: October 4th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing a test.  Homework:  none.

Day 12: October 2nd.   Objective:  Students will review the difference quotient, transformations, compositions, and inverses to prepare for a test.  Review:  PC1-Review(2) Homework:  Study for the test on Wednesday! Review ANSWER KEY:  PC1-Review(2)KEY

Day 11: September 28th.  Objective:  Students will find the inverse of functions if they exist.  Notes:  PC1-9Notes Completed Notes:  PC1-9CompletedNotes Homework: p 308 #’s 21-29 odd (Verify they are inverses of each other)  #’s 47-53 odd (Find the inverse) Homework Help:  Here is a scan of finding the inverse step-by-step: InvserseStepbyStep

Day 10:  September 26th.  Objective:  Students will explore compositions of functions algebraically, graphically, and in a table.  Notes:  PC1-8Notes Completed Notes:  PC1-8NotesCompleted Practice Problems:  PC1-8Practice Homework:  p. 170 #’s 1-11 odd.  #’s 31-39 odd.

Day 9: September 22nd.  Objective:  Students will perform transformations of functions including reflections, stretches, and shifts.  Notes:  PC1-7Notes Completed Notes:  PC1-7A Completed and PC1-7B Completed Practice Problems (Homework): PC1-7PracticeProblems Helpful videos are linked below in my previous post.  I did explain it differently in class, but it’s the same concept.  

Day 8:  September 20th.  Objective:  Students will evaluate the difference quotient given a function.  Students will translate functions up,down,left, and right.  Notes and Problems:  PC1-5NotesandProblems Glue In:  PC 1-5 Glue In Complete Glue In:  PC1-5NotesScan Class Assignment:  PC1-6Exploration Homework:  p 150 #’s 81-84 all (Just evaluate the difference quotient for each of them).  p. 162 #’s 1-24 all (Make sure to sketch the graph and write the equation for all of them). Helpful Video #1:  Transformations 1  Helpful Video #2: Transformations 2 Helpful Video #3:  Transformations 3 Helpful Video #4:  Transformations 4

Day 7:  September 18th.  Objective:  Students will prove their knowledge by completing a unit test.

Day 6: September 14th.  Objective:  Students will summarize concepts and review for a chapter test.  Review:  PC1-Review  Review Answer Key: PC1ReviewKey Homework:  Complete the review, check your answers, and study for the test next class.

Day 5:  September 12th.  Objective:  Students will determine if a function is even, odd, or neither both algebraically and graphically.  Glue In Notes:  PC1-4 Notes Completed Glue In Notes:  PC1-4CompleteNotes IN Class Assignment KEY:  PC1-4PracticeProblemsKey  Group Practice Quiz:  PC1-GroupPracticeQuiz   Group Quiz Key:  PC1GroupQuizKey Homework: p. 148 #’s 9-23 odd (Part c only) #’s 41-53 odd (Determine even/odd/neither algebraically).

Day 4:  September 8th.  Objective:  Students will identify intervals for when a function is concave up and concave down.  Students will identify local minima and maxima as well as absolute minimum and maximum.  Notes:   PC1-3Notes  (Completed Notes From Class Homework:  p. 151 #’s 85-88 ALL  #’s 95 – 101 Graph with assistance from a device, find the Intervals Increasing/Decreasing, Local Max/Min, as well as find the intervals the graph is concave up/down.  Also:  #103  (TOTAL PROBLEMS – 13).   Video on Increasing/Decreasing and Concavity: YouTube.  Video on problem #103:   YouTube

Day 3:  September 6th. Objective:  Students will identify intervals for when a function is increasing and decreasing including problems involving piecewise functions.  Notes:  PC1-2Notes Homework:  p. 148 #1-8 all, 9-25 odd NOT (c).

Day 2:  September 1st.  Objective:  Students will find the domain of a function algebraically and graphically.  Students will find the range of a function graphically.  Notes:  PC1-1Notes (updated).  Assignment/Homework:  p. 125 #’s 1-13 odd, #’s 21-63 odd.  Show work (including drawing graphs).  Use these scans to do homework if you don’t have a book yet.  2.1-prob.-set-page-1  and 2.1-prob.-set-page-2.  Helpful Video: Domain and Range (Basic).

Day 1:  August 30th.  Objective:  Students will read syllabus, understand course expectations, and pre-assess unit 1 material.  Syllabus: Syllabus Worksheet/Homework: Day 1 what do you know. Helpful Notes from Class:  PC1-0 Notes Scan Supplemental Links: Is it a function?  or What is a function?